non-laser tattoo removal in tucson, az

Tattoos allow one to express their individuality and translate it through inked art. However, self-expression is a progressive idea that evolves as humans do. Be it a tattooed blunder or a change of mind, any old tattoo may lose its charm as a courtesy of our evolving selves. If you’re looking to get a tat removed, know that nothing is permanent.

Our Erase Away Non-Laser Tattoo Removal integrates the same tattooing procedure with a fluid that works to bond with the ink and bring it out to the skin’s surface. The skin is initially numbed with lidocaine cream to reduce the severity of pain. The solution is applied for a set amount of time and treatment ends with the formation of a scab which eventually falls to reveal the faded ink underneath.

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal has increasing benefits over the traditional procedures which extend to but aren’t limited to lesser pain and a faster process for more satisfactory results.

When you are ready to remove your small tattoo whether it’s a body tat or lipliner, book your appointment online by clicking here.