Known for creating stunning and long-lasting art on the skin, the use of henna dates back centuries in the hair and beauty industry and today, has redefined the aesthete of temporary makeup and is largely popularized for creating natural-looking faux freckles and eyebrows that leave the skin looking flushed and healthy.

Prep your skin with a gentle face oil and with the tip of your cone, create the freckles by positioning them randomly and varying the pressure you exert to achieve a more blended and natural result. Similarly, use gentle strokes to fill in your eyebrows and check every few minutes to see whether your desired color has been achieved, that’s when you take it off with a cotton pad and some micellar water!

While old-school tints can be damaging, henna is the game changer for temporary makeup with its conditioning and longer-lasting aspect that leaves you with an effortless summer glow.

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