As masks are starting to not be worn and the hotter weather here in Tucson brings dryness and flakiness, your lips need as much care as your body does. In addition to not licking lips and keeping a lip balm handy at all costs, here are more tips for you to add to your lip care regimen: 

woman's lips and nails


With an intake of 7-8 glasses of water every day, you’ll be fighting off one of the major contributors to dry lips. 


Be it a homemade sugar scrub or toothbrush with lukewarm water, scrubbing overnight and once a week will scrape off the dead skin, adding the lush to your lips. 

Use a sunblock

If you’re going to be outside, opt for a lip balm with SPF included.

If you adhere to an effective lip care regimen, you’re sure to battle even the harshest climates and retain the softness and plumpness of your lips all season long!

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Amanda Gant, RDH, B.S.