top 5 beauty trends for 2021 in tucson, az

Like just about every other industry, natural beauty and personal care have been greatly impacted throughout 2020 by shifts in consumer shopping habits, a heightened awareness of sustainability and the demand for corporate transparency. To give you an idea of the upcoming beauty trends, here are the top 5 2021 beauty trends set to meet the New Needs of our New Normal:

Clean And Transparent Skincare

Ending the year on a hopeful note, the beauty industry will continue to stay on the green path in 2021. The shift to sustainability has been happening for a while but the pandemic has highlighted to consumers its importance.

This will have a profound and lasting effect within the beauty industry and heavily influence the way we choose, buy and dispose skincare.

Hair Health

Self-care for your hair will step up in 2021. You’ll have already heard of scalp scrubs, but more innovation in the category and an emphasis from customers on products that nourish, mean hair will undergo a wellness evolution.

Our time going it alone while hairdressers closed meant many took the health of their hair in-house, utilizing smoothing and split-end bonding products to improve the look and condition of our hair in-between cuts, a trend that will continue into 2021.

“No-Makeup” Makeup

Natural, effortless makeup will always remain a go-to look. With the pandemic still continuing in 2021, we don’t really want a heavy slap under our face masks. Instead, we’ll be hooked with comfortable formulas and natural finishes, even if blemishes may be in the way.

Beautiful At Home Tech

If we’re still stuck indoors both whilst working and when we’re enjoying time off maximizing our homes for wellness is going to continue to be a must. This will likely include ensuring our homes get enough natural sunlight and have a space dedicated to work (so we can switch off at the end of the day) and working out (so we can still get in some exercise).

From homeware to beauty, if we’re going to be looking at it more often, we’re going to want our tech to be better looking and give off an element of calm such as pretty sad lamps, aesthetically pleasing gym equipment and smart mirrors that can track your health and analyze your body and skin.

Sleep Care

Consumers realized the value of sleep more than ever in 2020, as stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic caused sleep patterns and healthy bedtime routines to suffer. Searches for ‘sleep yoga’ increased by 90% in 2020, suggesting that people are keen to incorporate stress-busting, sleep-enhancing routines into their wellbeing rituals. Our quest for quality sleep will continue into 2021 with audio stimuli ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), soothing soundtracks and unwinding rituals complemented by beauty products designed to strengthen our circadian rhythm.

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Amanda Gant, RDH, B.S.