Permanent & Semi-Permanent Makeup – Eyeliner, Lips & Freckles

Enhance your natural look.

By enhancing your natural look with Permanent Cosmetics you can achieve a nice brow lift or have natural looking hair-strokes where your hair has disappeared in your brows. Permanent Makeup is the art form of cosmetic tattooing. It offers the ultimate service for the busy person. This is a “natural” look enhancement with subtle pigmentation that uplifts the face by defining washed out eyes, brows and lips.

What My Clients Have to Say

Convenient and the price was right! I appreciate the service and expertise of Amanda and look forward to doing business with her again.

Nelson Schlosser

Amanda is a very friendly person, she’s gentle and very precise with the work that she does I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you Amanda for a job well done!

Lisa M

Amanda was simply awesome! Love her & I love her work!!!

Elizabeth Moss

Semi-Permanent Makeup Services & Pricing

Lip Liner & Lip Blush

A semi-permanent custom outlined lip shape with a natural blushing-shading color throughout the lips. $399

Eyeliner Lash Duo Enhancement

Semi-permanent eyeliner - this service includes both upper AND lower eyeliner outside of the lash line. $375

Eyeliner Lash Enhancement

Semi-permanent eyeliner - this service is for either a upper eyeliner OR lower eyeliner just outside of the lash line. $199

Touch Up (Lips Only)

At 4-25 weeks. Solidify that perfect color and shape for lasting retention. $149

Touch Up (Eyeliner)

At 4-10 weeks. Set your new eyeliner for longer lasting color with a touch up visit. $99


Semi-permanent freckles placed on both cheeks for a natural appearance. $99