Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones and eating an excessive amount of pumpkin pie, but it’s also a time for some serious holiday glam! If you’re on the hunt for Thanksgiving makeup ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

5 tips to shape your eyebrows


Steer away from traditional fall makeup and give matte smokey eyes a try.

Step 1: Starts by prepping your eye with a creamy neutral base.

Step 2: Then use a beige transition color in your crease.

Step 3: Tap in a dark cherry-red into your crease, and take a deeper brown shadow onto your lid.

Step 4: Apply lashes.

Step 5: Dab on a layer of primer.

Step 5: Then stipple on your foundation and concealer under your eyes.

Step 6: Highlights your face and finishes off the look with a winey-pink liquid lip.


This will always be a classic look for fall, and with that, Thanksgiving.

Step 1: Start by moisturizing your face.

Step 2: Go in with an orangey-beige in your crease and follow a bronzy color onto your lid. Then, add a deeper bronze to your crease.

Step 3: Line your upper lash with a cat-eye and apply false lashes.

Step 4: Next prime your face and apply foundation and buff that in.

Step 5: Conceal your under eyes to brighten up any uneven tones.

Step 6: Add glow with bronzer.

Step 7: Finish by highlighting your face and add a pinkish brown liquid lippie to complete the look.


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